Restored Gates

Restored Ironwork Gates – Scheduled Ancient Monument

This old town gateway conceals the John Venn memorial. Recently we were invited to repair and restore the gates and ironwork railings to the memorial. The old gateway is now...
Structural steel framework

Steel Buildings

We can manufacture structural steelwork to order. If you need engineering drawings this can be arranged for you. We advise that all structural frame buildings are produced only after they...
Mansafe cradle for telephone mast

Telephone Mast Mansafe Cradle

This telephone mast mansafe-cradle is a good example of a series of cradles that we made to retro-fit onto existing telecom masts dotted around the UK. Each cradle was made...
Precise steel work fitted on site

Precision work

No matter how large or small the task we can create metalwork solutions to meet your building needs. Here is a good example of a pre-made laser cut ring of...

Steelwork for a Grand Design’s House

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