The workshop for Thomas Forge Fownhope

"We Are Thomas Forge"

- George
Located in Fownhope, Herefordshire we are a family firm that has traded for over 100 years. Whilst the 6000 sq.ft.workshop built by grandfather Arther George, could do with a make-over,...
Trailers in production

Trailer Production Line

These mono-coque grain trailers were made for a local farm in Herefordshire. Three were ordered and this took up most of the workship while the manufacturing process was underway. Multiple...
Old invoice from Thomas Forge

"Thomas Forge History"

- George
Here is an old invoice from the archive. We did annual accounts back then and often the local farming community would pay up once a year – those days are...
George Thomas taking tea on site

Working with Building Contractors

George Thomas taking a tea break during the erection of architectural steelwork on site. This project involved working closely with the architect and the structural engineer to create shop-drawings to...

Estate Hurdle Fencing

This fine example of estate fencing was carried out at a gentleman’s residence in Herefordshire. The old fencing was damaged and parts missing so we had to remove and make...

Agricultural Trailers

Over the years we have made a huge variety of agricultural trailers; the trailer variety always depends on the agricultural need or function required. Thomas Forge has made everything from...

Steelwork for a Grand Design’s House

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Architectural Metalwork

This architectural gem is a listed building. The architect wanted to capture the surrounding parkland and tree-scape so came up with a design that matched tree-like forms in steel. The...