Estate Hurdle Fencing

Dec, 05, 2017

This fine example of estate fencing was carried out at a gentleman’s residence in Herefordshire. The old fencing was damaged and parts missing so we had to remove and make best use of what material was there as well as add new material to match. The curve to the fence was replicated to match the old fence line and new double gates were added, with one gate being added to match exactly the scale and proportion of the existing gate. Can you tell the difference?

The finished project is very pleaseing to the eye and creates a lovely sweep into the driveway of this substantial home.

We price up projects on the basis of a liner metre rate plus any specialist bespoke work that may be required. The price per linear metre works very well for estate management as projects can be phased over-time as annual expenditure and budgets may allow. This means the the really poor and rotted fence areas can be restored first and a budget expended alongside the continuing decay of the rest of the old estate hurdle-fencing.

We can match the shape and style of estate fencing to suit and if you would like more information give either George or Dave a call at the Forge.

We are currently restoring estate fencing all over Herefordshire. Given the recent snowy weather the amount of felled branches off trees has caused untold damage to hurdle-fencing so now is the time to repair it before the growing season starts in spring.

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